EBS on OCI ( My Notes)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), IaaS from Oracle.
There are many cloud infrastructure providers, like Amazon (AWS), Oracle (OCI), Microsoft (Azure), Google (Google Cloud).
What’s New in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

EBS (R12) Deployment Options on Cloud
EBS Middle/Application Tier
Oracle EBS Middle Tier can only be deployed on IaaS Service Model and within IaaS Service Model, it is either on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) or OCI Classic.
EBS Database Tier
Oracle EBS Database Tier can be deployed either on IaaS or PaaS Service Model and within PaaS Service Model, it’ll be Database Cloud Service (DBCS). DBCS has few deployment options and out of them, two are supported for EBS (R12) on Cloud i.e. Database as a Service DBaaS and Exadata Cloud Service (Exa CS).

Metalink EBS on Oracle Cloud

OCI Study Guide *********
Just-in-Time Videos

OCI Introduction
OCI -Foundation
OCI Advanced
Tips for OCI Architect Certification
Certification Path

White Paper: EBS Deployment on OCI ****

Cloud On boarding Guide

OCI Blog

EBS on OCI Blog Posts
Cloud computing concepts (HA, DR, Security), regions, availability domains, OCI terminology and services, networking, databases, load balancing, IAM, DNS, FASTCONNECT, VPN, Compartments, tagging, Terraform, with focus on how to use it with OCI and Exadata

OCI for Apps DBA **
EBS (R12) on Cloud: Architects Perspective ****
EBS (R12) On Cloud (OCI): High Level Steps *****
EBS Cloud Admin Tool
EBS Cloud Manager

EBS Cloud Admin Tool on OCI is superseded with EBS Cloud Manager
EBS Cloud Manager
Provisioning –> 2 options (Simple & Advance)
Migration –> Lift and Shift using Cloud Manager
Cloning –>
Cloud Service Model: SaaS | PaaS | IaaS
EBS (R12) On Cloud Deployment Architecture
Role of Apps DBA in Cloud

OCI vs OCI Classic


Knowledge of Oracle Cloud (OCI & DBCS) ,EBS-OCI Lift & Shift
	Taken Oracle Cloud Internal Training on OCI(Iaas),DBCS(Paas)
	High Level understanding of Core OCI fundamentals
	Familiar with EBS-OCI Lift & Shit & High Level Deployment & Tools like EBS Cloud Manager(EBS Cloud Admin tool)


Topic	Oracle Cloud offerings for EBS (OCI & DBCS-Dbas/Exacs)
Mode	Online ,Self-Paced &
Role	Cloud EBS DBA

Gained Knowledge in following Areas

•	OCI(IaaS) & DBCS (Exa CS)
•	Knowledge of OCI (Infrastructure,Compute,Database,Networking(VCN,VPN,IPSec),Storage Services(FSS,IAM,VPN IPSec tunnel functionality)
•	Knowledge in DBCS(DBaaS & ExaCS),Cloud Backup Storage Service.
•	Basic Understanding of Migrating EBS to OCI ((Lift & Shift)
•	 Familiar with High-Level Steps of deployment of EBS on OCI
•	 Knowledge in EBS Cloud Admin Tool
•	 Familiar with Install and configure EBS Cloud Manager
•	Knowledge in EBS Cloud Manager (Provisioning,Migration,Cloning,Cloning,Deletion)

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EBS Info

EBS 12.1: Premier Support to December 2021
EBS 12.2: Premier Support to At Least December 2030

E-Business Suite DBA

Apps DBA Interview-1
Apps DBA Interview-2
Apps DBA Interview-3

Few Support Issues
Support Issues



EBS Maintenance ( Patching/Upgrades/Migration)

My Posts 

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EBS Upgrades and Platform Migration
Transportable Tablespaces(TTS) for Upgrade/Migration
Working with Datapump ?

EBS Upgrades
Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Guide
Sizing and Best Practices
12.2 Upgrade Process Flow
Planning Your Upgrade
12.2 Upgrade Best Practices to Minimize Downtime

EBS Patching Issues
Top Patching Issues 11i & 12.x
Restart a failed patch?

Webcast:EBS Maintenance
Webcast: Advanced Architectures:DMZ
Webcast:Auditing and Security
Webcast: TLS 1.2 Configuration

EBS Debug and Tracing
Query : Trace/Debug Profile

Critical Patch Update Advisory

15 January 2019
16 April 2019
16 July 2019
15 October 2019

JRE Plugin Upgrade (Doc ID 393931.1)

JRE 8-->JRE 1.8.0_191/192
JRE7 -->JRE 1.7.0_201
JRE 6-->JRE 1.6.0_211 

Java Web Start and Java Plug-in ?

browser-independent architecture ,to deprecate the Java Plug-in for web browsers starting with the release of Java SE 9