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Select your Time Horizon. There are 4 options –

  1. Very short Term – Less than 1 year
  2. Short Term – 1 to 5 years
  3. Medium Term – 5 to 10 years
  4. Long Term – More than 10 years

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  • Emergency corpus: Keep an amount equal to six months of your expenses and EMIs in a combination of liquid funds and sweep-in FDs.
  • Life insurance: You need life insurance only if you have financial dependents and your assets are not sufficient to take care of them in your absence. Buy only pure term plans for life insurance.
  • Health insurance: Unplanned medical expenses can derail your financial future. Maintain a sufficient health cover for all your family members. (Detailed Article on NPS) (Detailed Article on APY)

Other Resources for further reading:

Notes on Investings in Buinsess

Income Statment
Balance Sheet
Cash Flows

Sales ==> Revenue ==>EBITDA ==> NET Profit ==> Margins
EBITDA — Earning before Intrests D -Depreciation & A -Amortization
Raw Material +labour –>Production Cost
Employess +salries –>Oprational Cost

Cash FLow Statements:

Raising ,Borrowing,Re-paying Capital
Cash flow from Operations

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