Transportable Tablespaces(TTS) for Upgrade/Migration

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Why TTS ?  
-->Transportable Tablespaces (TTS)
-->FTEX (TTS + Data Pump)  
-->FTEX using RMAN Backups (Less Down Time) 
High Level Steps for Migration of Data Using TTS
Time Taken Cross-Platform Tablespace(Xtts) Transport To The Export/Import Method  
-->Normal TTS Approach 
-->RMAN TTS Approach  
-->12C TTS Enhancement using RMAN backup sets  


Why TTS ?
Moving data using transportable tablespaces is much faster than performing either an export/import or unload/load of the same data. This is because the datafiles containing all of the actual data are just copied to the destination location, and you use an export/import utility to transfer only the metadata of the tablespace objects to the new database.

Transportable Tablespaces (TTS)

Transportable Tablespaces feature exists since Oracle 8i
– Can be used cross version ,Version to transport to must be always equal or higher
– Cross platform Transportable Tablespaces got introduced in Oracle Database 10g
==> Can be used cross version and cross platform
==> Required tablespaces to be in read-only mode
==> Extra work necessary for everything in SYSTEM/SYSAUX

Full Transportable Export/Import FTEX (TTS + Data Pump)

Transport an entire database in a single operation
– Cross version and cross platform
– Can include the database upgrade
– Combination of TTS for data tablespaces and Data Pump for administrative tablespaces (SYSTEM, SYSAUX ...)
– Supports information from database components such as Spatial,Text, Multimedia, OLAP, etc.
 Full transportable export supported since Oracle
 Full transportable import supported since Oracle
Relationship of XTTS to Data Pump and Recovery Manager 
XTTS works within the framework of Data Pump and Recovery Manager
(RMAN). Use Data Pump to move the metadata of the objects in the tablespaces
being transported to the target database. 
RMAN converts the datafiles being transported to the endian format of the target platform
You can use transportable tablespaces to perform tablespace point-in-time recovery (TSPITR).
RMAN uses the transportable tablespaces functionality to perform TSPITR. Therefore, any limitations on transportable tablespaces are also applicable to TSPITR.

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OLL Video : Oracle Database 12c: Transporting Data

FTEX using RMAN Backups (Less Down Time)

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11G – Reduce Transportable Tablespace Downtime using Cross Platform Incremental Backup (Doc ID 1389592.1)
12C – Reduce Transportable Tablespace Downtime using Cross Platform Incremental Backup (Doc ID 2005729.1)

High Level Steps for Migration of Data Using TTS

Step 1: Check Platform Support And File Conversion Requirement
Step 2: Identify Tablespaces To Be Transported And Verify Self-Containment
Step 3: Check For Problematic Data Types
Step 4: Check For Missing Schemas And Duplicate Tablespace And Object Names
Step 5: Make Tablespaces Read-Only In Source Database
Step 6: Extract Metadata From Source Database
Step 7: Copy Files To Target Server And Convert If Necessary 
Step 8: Import Metadata Into Target Database
Step 9: Copy Additional Objects To Target Database As Desired

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Moving Oracle Databases Across Platforms without Export/Import

Time Taken Cross-Platform Tablespace(Xtts) Transport To The Export/Import Method

Task Export/Import Tablespace Transport
Export time 37 min 2 min
File transfer time 8 min 13 min
File conversion time n/a 14 min
Import time 42 min 2 min
Approximate total time 87 min 31 min
Export file size 4100 Mb 640 Kb
Target database extra TEMP tablespace requirement 1200 Mb n/a

Normal TTS Approach

1) On the source database
Validating Self Containing Property
a) Put TBS in Read Only
b) Export the Metadata
exp FILE=/path/dump_file.dmp LOG=/path/tts_exp.log TABLESPACES=tbs-names TRANSPORT_TABLESPACE=y STATISTICS=none
**************Transfer Datafiles and export file to TARGET *********************
2) on the destination database
a)Import the export file.
impdp DUMPFILE=tts.dmp LOGFILE=tts_imp.log DIRECTORY=exp_dir REMAP_SCHEMA=master:scott TRANSPORT_DATAFILES='/path/tts.dbf'

RMAN TTS Approach

1) RMAN transport tablespace  On the source database
**************Transfer Datafiles and export file to TARGET *********************
2) Run Import script created by RMAN on the destination database
   impscrpt.sql (or) impdp command from the file

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RMAN Transportable Tablespace

Why Using RMAN TTS ?

-->RMAN checks that they are self-contained
-->no need to put in Read only
Using RMAN TTS feature,the datafiles which contain actual data can be copied, thus making the migration faster. 
RMAN creates transportable tablespace sets from backup,eliminates need of putting tablespaces in read-only mode.
RMAN process for creating transportable tablespaces from backup uses the Data Pump Export and Import utilities
RMAN creates the automatic auxiliary instance used for restore and recovery on the same node as the source instance, 
there is some performance overhead during the operation of the TRANSPORT TABLESPACE command.

RMAN> transport tablespace tbs_2, tbs_3
   tablespace destination '/disk1/transportdest' --->  Set of Datafiles will be created here with Original Names & export log,Export dump file ,impscrpt.sql will also be created
   auxiliary destination '/disk1/auxdest'
   DUMP FILE 'mydumpfile.dmp'
   IMPORT SCRIPT 'myimportscript.sql'
   EXPORT LOG 'myexportlog.log';

12C TTS Enhancement using RMAN backup sets
1) RMAN TTS on the source database

    a) Put TBS in Read Only ,
   b) RMAN--> BACKUP FOR TRANSPORT ( Metadata by Datapump,Backup set by RMAN)
      --> convert the platform and the endian format if required
   c) Back TBS to READ-WRITE

****** Transfrer Backup set & Dump files to Target Server from Source
2) RMAN TTS on the destination database

   a) Restore foreign tablespace ( Restore by RMAN, Import Metadata by Datapump)
   b) Make TBS in READ-WRITE  
RMAN> backup for transport format '/tmp/stage/tbs1.bkset' datapump format '/tmp/stage/tbs1.dmp' tablespace tbs1;
RMAN> restore foreign tablespace tbs1 
format '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/sekunda/tbs1.dbf' 
from backupset '/tmp/stage/tbs1.bkset' 
dump file from backupset '/tmp/stage/tbs1.dmp';

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12c How Perform Cross-Platform Database Transport to different Endian Platform with RMAN Backup Sets (Doc ID 2013271.1)

How to Move a Database Using Transportable Tablespaces (Doc ID 1493809.1)
How to Migrate to different Endian Platform Using Transportable Tablespaces With RMAN (Doc ID 371556.1)
Master Note for Transportable Tablespaces (TTS) — Common Questions and Issues (Doc ID 1166564.1)
Transportable Tablespaces
Transportable Tablespaces Tips
Using Transportable Tablespaces for Oracle Upgrades

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